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BERRENSHOT 20DC - Straighten Hair Naturally

BEHENSHOT 20DC LP® was developed with cold pressed oils, free from any kind of solvents or oxidative heat.

BEHENSHOT 20DC LP® is enriched with several Amazonian fats and oils. Derived from sustainable systems of the Amazonian rainforest and is completely traceable. It is an elaborate composition of BACABA BERRIS and PRACAXI.


BEHENSHOT 20DC LP® is a powerful combination of fatty acid components of Amazonian origin.is a powerful active of fatty acids complexes of Amazonian origin.

BEHENSHOT 20DC LP® has been developed especially to treat capillary frizz caused by high surfactant-borne products, which causes the loss of elasticity and shine of the hair. Tangled hair and split ends can benefit from the powerful action of BEHENSHOT 20DC LP®.

BEHENSHOT 20DC LP® can be used with an organic conditioning agent to increase the conditioning activity of the hair fiber. The large amount of behenic acid is responsible for its main activities. This acid is not produced in the skin but is responsible for the dissolution of sebum, which clogs the pores. In the hair this oil strengthens the roots, boasts shine to dry hair while reducing split ends, improving the overall appearance of the hair. Furthermore, it is a viscosity donor to emulsions that can replace cationic surfactants in capillary lotions.


BEHENSHOT 20DC LP® is indicated when high anti-frizz performance and high conditioning power is required for the hair fiber.

Capillary masks – Dosage 5-20%

Capillary Serum – Dosage 5 to 20%

Moisturizing Ampules – Dosage 3-15%

Brush Finishers – Dosage 5-15%

Shampoos (soap phase) – Dosage 1 -3%

Condiconadores – Dosage 3-10%

Liquid soap – Dosage 0,5 -3%

Bar soaps – Dosage 1 -5%