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Tucuma fruit scrub

The Amazonscrub is a line of natural exfoliants from Amazonoil produced from 100% natural material. These are natural particles developed to promote and stimulate the exfoliating action in specific personal care products. Exfoliation is mechanical and, therefore, acts superficially on the skin. Its exfoliating action helps cell renewal by removing dead cells and impurities through physical stimulation. It can be applied to both body and facial products, offering a versatile solution for your skincare needs. AMAZONSCRUBS is a product developed to replace the use of plastic microparticles.

AMAZONSCRUBS contain proteins, fibers, and unsaponifiable, as well as 3-5% residual vegetable oil, which means that in addition to exfoliating, they have some of the oil’s active ingredients.

Physical-Chemical Data and its applications

Tucumã fruit scrub (Astrocaryum vulgare pulp powder)has an intense orange color obtained from the tucumã fruit pulp. It has an orange color due to the presence of carotenoids. This natural pigment helps with photoprotection and is the skin’s ally in the fight against free radicals that age the skin and help preserve collagen, leaving the skin firmer and more toned. This nutrient also helps form melanin, responsible for the skin’s pigmentation and protection against solar radiation, improving the tan. The tucumã fruit scrub contains tannins, saponins, unsaponifiable matter, proteins, and volatile compounds. It can be used in facial and body care products, as its main benefits are activation of circulation, a natural antioxidant, pore unclogging, aid in the preservation and production of collagen, and it can be used in fluid and solid formulations, as well as being used as a coloring agent.


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