Rainforest Products

CM40CT - Cuticle Cement

CM40CT ® was developed with cold pressed oils, free from any kind of solvents or oxidative heat.

CM40CT® is enriched with several Amazonian fats and oils. Derived from sustainable systems of the Amazonian rainforest and is completely traceable. It is an elaborate composition of PATAUÁ, PRACAXI, MURUMURU and CUPUAÇU


CM40CT® promotes high-impact cauterization with immediate hair restructuring. It contains behenic acid, which has conditioning action and removes impurities, such as chlorine and pollutants, as well as complexes of the murumuru that have high performance as cement of the hair cuticles.

CM40CT® is a triglyceride complex that has a balanced composition of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which gives the product a low melting point (approximately 30 ° C)

CM40CT® has a high water absorption capacity that absorbs up to twice its weight. Its capacity for water absorption is approximately 120% higher than Lanolin, acting as a vegetable substitute. This quality of absorption makes the CM40CT® a fantastic capillary emollient reconstrutor. The high water absorption capacity of the CM40CT® can be attributed to the hydrogen bonds formed between the water molecules and the phytosterols. Phytosterols (especially beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol) act at the cellular level regulating the water balance and lipid activity of the superficial layer of the hair avoiding that the hair stays dull and dehydrated. Phytosterols have a fundamental role in the water balance, promoting improved adhesion to the cuticle structures of the hair fiber.


Capillary masks – Dosage 5 to 15%

Ampules – Dosage 10-20%

Finalizers -: Dosage 5-10%

Combe facility – Dosage 5-15%

Conditioners – Dosage 3-10%

Shampoo – (superfatting phase) – Dosage 1.0 -3%