Rainforest Products

Rainforest Products


oleic acid; anti-inflammatory; pain-relieving; excellent massage oil, extremely effective against dandruff


Highest beta carotene; fantastic emollient; skin elasticity after sun burn; controls frizz of dry hair


Highest Omega-6; passiflorine and maracugine; soothing effect on the skin; regulates sebum secretion; for oily skin


Oleic, linoleic, behenic acid; moisturizer and nourishes the skin; revitalizes the scalp


Omega 6 and 9; 33 times more anthocyanins than grape seed oil, recommended for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams

Brazil Nut

linoleic acid; selenium; excellent moisturizer for dry skin; one of the best natural ingredients for hair conditioners


highest behenic acid; healing of the skin after burns; able to “weld” stretch marks and scars; reduces frizz


very similiar to olive oil; high content of Omega 9; powerful moisturizing agent; used as tonic and to treat hair loss

Tucumã (Polpa)

Alta concentração em Ômega 3, 6, 9 e beta caroteno, excelente hidratante, regeneração de cabelo danificado quimicamente


Contem ácido palmitoléico, penetra rapidamente a pele (tripalmitina); capaz de tirar manchas da pele


Best moisturizer; vegetable lanolin; phytosterols; anti-inflammatory; tensile strength of hair


Lauric and miristic acid; antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory; replace mineral silicon; for afro-ethnic hair care


High melting point; miristic acid (trimeristin); anti-inflammatory and antiseptic; depilatory and foot creams

Breu Branco

similar to Boswellia species; monoterpenes; aromatic fragrance fixative; anti-septic; exfoliant


Sesquiterpenes; diterpenes; caryophyllene against pain relieve, anti-fungal; fragrance fixator; dandruff; oily skin


A substância bioativa espilantol é responsável pelo efeito “botox natural” amenizando as rugas; eficaz no tratamento da perda de cabelo

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