Amazon Oil is a Brazilian-Amazonian oil-chemical company active in the segment of cold extraction of oils from Amazonian oilseeds.

The oils are used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and textile industries, in the composition of perfumes, personal care products, beauty products, dyes and fabric softeners, and in the composition of functional foods.

Amazon Oil’s headquarters is located in the municipality of Ananindeua, which is part of the Metropolitan Region of Belém, capital of the State of Pará. Its privileged location facilitates access to the main rivers of the Amazon, Tocantins, and Tapajós hydrographic basins, especially Marajó Island, which is the largest fluvial-maritime archipelago in the world, with its enviable richness and diversity of oleaginous plants.

The good infrastructure offered by the fluvial-oceanic port of Belém opens the riches of the Amazon rainforest to other parts of the world.


All our products are produced in our plant in Belém, they are 100% pure and natural; cold extracted; no preservatives, additives or any other chemical substance are added; they are wild species that grow naturally in the Amazon forest, extracted in a sustainable way without the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Amazon Oil has an industrial park with 6 presses capable of processing 3 tons of raw material per hour. Its infrastructure is completely adapted to the processing of Amazon oilseeds. For example, it has drying silos that do not degrade fresh seeds and herbs, drying filters used to produce exudates, and high pressure filters used to produce butters and oils.

The extractive processes are conducted under controlled temperatures and hygienic environments. In addition, special care is taken to obtain the raw materials following the quality standards specified by Amazon Oil, which helps to preserve the maximum amount of active compounds and produces safe products for the consumer.

Our products are submitted to a battery of tests and analyses (in partnership with the Federal University of Pará, LAOS department of chemical engineering) to confirm the quality of each product before it is released in the market. All procedures and results are archived, as well as samples and counter-samples from each shipment, to help create safe and traceable products for our customers.



Respect traditional knowledge.

Cultivate partnerships driven by equity, transparency, respect, and ethics.


Our company proposes to be a national and international reference for the sustainable use of the Amazon rainforest.


Putting our experience to work to develop new products.

Honoring our commitment constantly.


Establish quality standards for Amazonian oils and reliability for the market.

Maintain profitability and cost management.


To be the reference for Amazonian oils.

Exceeding customer expectations.