We preserve the future of the forest.

We extract natural inputs encouraging the cultivation and preservation of the Amazonian  Rainforest and contributing to income generation for hundreds of rainforest families.

Welcome to Amazon Oil

We process all our oils and butters from the Amazon rainforest in our factory in Belém do Pará. We guarantee a 100% pure and natural product, cold pressed extraction, dry, without passing 60ºC, no preservatives, additives or any other chemical substance are added.

They are wild species that grow naturally in the Amazon rainforest, extracted in a sustainable way without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. On request, we offer purified products (molecular distillation) with food grade and/or pharmaceutical standard, as well as deodorized, seed extracts and water soluble oils.

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Product Quality

AmazonOil is a company that is concerned with the sustainable management of forest products. That is why our products are processed in a way that guarantees a 100% natural final product.

Our production process is made from cold pressing and without the use of any chemical substance throughout its production chain. All our products are processed in our factory located in the city of Ananindeua in the state of Pará.

Our portfolio is composed of oils, butters, vegetable extracts and Amazonian clays. Given the quality of our products and the technology used to ensure this quality, we can meet the quality standards required of large cosmetic industries through refining, thus being able to meet the customer’s needs without losing the natural essence of the products.

Amazon Oil Categories

Amazon Oils

The Amazonian rainforest offers a wide variety of oils with a high concentration of beta - carotene, anthocyanins, Omega 3, 6 9.

Amazon Butters

Our butters have applications on both skin and haircare.

Amazon Resins

The oil-resin of Copaiba is the most popular remedy in the Amazon.

Amazon Clays

We offer clays in various colours with their different applications.

Amazon Extracts

Highlights are jambu (espilanthol), urucum (beta-carotene), mulateiro (tannins), and the aromatic tonka bean (cumarine).

Amazon Specialties

Introducing new formulations that care for your skin and hair naturally.

You are invited to learn more about Amazonian biodiversity and become a partner of Amazon Oil.


Amazon Oil’s head office is located in the municipality of Ananindeua, which is part of the Metropolitan Region of Belém, capital of the State of Pará. Its privileged location facilitates access to the main rivers of the Amazon, Tocantins, and Tapajós hydrographic basins, especially Marajó Island, which is the largest fluvial-maritime archipelago in the world, with its enviable richness and diversity of oleaginous plants.


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for sales in UK /Australia / Canada get in contact with +44 (0)1732 252 193 and info@amazonsales.com – this is a global address that will cover all above territories.

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